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Let Golden Phoenix Electric collaborate with you for your next project. Our experience in the low voltage field involves the whole process from design to completed construction.

The real world challenges of engineering and constructing is more than laying an idea out on paper in hopes that the contractor has the ability to figure out the rest. As a consultant we share the same concern which is providing exactly what is required by the client, not more, not less but exactly what is required.

We partner with our customers to understand there needs, their budgets and their vision for every project. We work closely with architects, general contractors, owner’s representative and system users to develop a base design. From there Golden Phoenix Electric will develop a scope of work, specification documents, engineered drawings and coordinate with architects and other trades as needed to provide a successful project.

Golden Phoenix Electric provides quality installation by using some of the best technicians and installers in the industry. Our installers and technicians are factory trained and have certifications required by many consultants and architects. Our installation teams work under the guidance of our foreman and project managers who coordinate with the general contractors, architects and owners. Our experience and expertise are often called upon by the architect and general contractors when conflicts arise at the job site. Golden Phoenix Electric is know for meeting deadlines and having facilities ready even when circumstances have delayed other trades and construction.

We look ahead to the future and help the client decide to invest in the future now or later. Infrastructure is a big part of low voltage systems and it is this area where we see decisions made that create additional cost to the client as the facility grows.

If you’re thinking about moving forward with exterior commercial lighting solutions, simply call Golden Phoenix Electric at (626) 421-7936 or Contact us today to get started!